Anthology stories


“Callingdon Mountain” – A droll private eye is the last, best hope to solve an “impossible” murder at a famous ski resort. 5,000 words. In The Best Laid Plans: 21 Stories of Mystery & Suspense. Click here for more.

“Ten-Spot Robber” – A relentless Robbery-Homicide detective gets help from an oddball robber who steals only ten-dollar bills. 3,400 words. In Hardboiled. Click here for more.

“The Belle Hope” – A private eye searches for two missing treasure hunters. 3,000 words. Finalist: 2019 Derringer Awards for outstanding mystery stories. In Malice Domestic 13: Mystery Most Geographical. Click here for more.

“Most Evil” – A gangster with strange voodoo powers seems to return from the dead to murder rival hoodlums. 2,800 words. In Busted! Arresting Stories from the Beat. Click here for more.

“Mysterious Private Investigations” – A private eye tries to chase down an alibi for a year-old jewelry heist, but finds only injustice and lies. 2,100 words. In Plan B Volume VClick here for more. (Originally published in The Shamus Sampler.)

With Cunning Wickedness” – Tracking down stolen artwork entangles a private detective in a web of millionaires, mobsters, and murder. 3,800 words. In The Shamus Sampler II. Click here for more. (Reprinted in Trigger Warning, March 2017. See Free ezine stories).

“Murderous Lies” – A botched robbery leads to murder. A bag full of money is left behind. What could possibly go wrong after that? 1,600 words. In Plan B Volume III (ebook) and Plan B Omnibus (paperback). Click here and here for more. (Originally published in Suspense Magazine, November 2012.)


“Jailhouse Jive” – Two jailbirds try to get sprung by phoning the law firm Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, and Johnson. 400 words. In Five. Click here for more.

“Why Circus Performers Make Perfect Criminals” – Among other reasons, the Lion Tamer knows how to get past the guard dog and the Bearded Lady confuses eyewitnesses. 150 words. In freakClick here for more.

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