Magazine stories

“Eternal Love” – A crime/suspense story that begins with a ransom note and ends with a double-twist and a tragedy. 700 words. In Switchblade Magazine (Issue Four). Click here for more.

“The Mysterious Meatball Autopsy” – A humorous You-Solve-It whodunit. Follow the clues! 1,100 words. In Mystery Weekly Magazine. (November 2017). Click here for more.

“Hostile Plans” – A pair of double-crossing thugs hike into a wolf-infested forest to retrieve buried robbery loot. 600 words. In Switchblade Magazine (Issue Two). Click here for more.

“Darkness, Darkness” – A blind man is the only witness to a murder. Detectives sort through the clues he provides. 2,700 words. In Mystery Weekly Magazine (July 2017). Click here for more.

“Disaster Adjuster” – A hurricane ravages a Florida city, unleashing primal battles for survival. 2,200 words. In Kzine (Issue 17, January 2017). Click here for more.

“Murder in Malibu” – Who killed the TV producer: the actor, the agent, or the writer? A Solve-It-Yourself Mini-Mystery. 700 words. In Woman’s World Magazine (July 4, 2016 cover date). Click here for more.

“The Interrogation” – A killer confesses he’s a superhero, his powers granted by a cappuccino-guzzling magical genie. 250 words. In Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine (March 2016). Winner, monthly photo prompt contest. Click here for more.

“Murderous Lies” – A botched robbery leads to murder. A bag full of money is left behind. What could possibly go wrong after that? 1,600 words. In Suspense Magazine** (November 2012). Click here for more.

** Reprinted in the Plan B Volume III mystery anthology (March 2014) and Plan B Omnibus mystery anthology (September 2014). For more info, click the link for Anthology stories at the top of the page.


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